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What’s a Katona?

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Why does rubbish like Kerry Katona get the free publicity to plauge our lives and blight our TV screens with theot horrible faces and lives, as if anyone gives a damn?

Worse still, having done the cocaine thing, they then complain when the media picks up on it and repeats the story.

GET REAL – you’re rolling in it because you were snorting the stuff and it was putting you in the headlines and filling your bank account.

NOW, we’re supposed to be sorry for you because the papers are running a story that you are heading towards bankruptcy. WELL WHO THE HELL CARES??? AND JUST WHERE DID IT START?

You’ve had more money, and are enjoying a better lifestyle than most of the folk dumb enough to think you are worth their attention.

Now you’re going to sicken the rest of us by showing you’re fat and ugly blob of a body naked and in the bath after inviting a camera team into your home – what will you do next? Complain because a camera team followed you into your house and filmed you? IF SO, will you hand back any cash that came from it?

Thank god I never buy anything from Iceland, what a bunch of sellouts they are anyway, using someone who is ‘famous’ for little else than being famous or being a celebrity. And contract renewed too!!!

Katona’s sickening to watch if you’re unlucky enough to catch her grabbing some publicity on TV, as she’ll generally be moaning about the media featuring her drugs past or her throwing her clothes off or something – like she wasn’t lapping it up at the trough of publicity.

Please Iceland, do us all a favour and keep fatty off out screens, just cancel the contract, please.

And Kerry, we really don’t need you to demonstrate the level of your intellectual superiority by offering to fart in the bath for the camera crew. Now tell us you didn’t do that for any reason other than to provide a ‘talking point’ when the programme is being discussed in future.

Scheming, it comes naturally, especially if it might bring in another buck or two.


Written by auldgit

February 12, 2008 at 6:03 pm

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