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The torture continues

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The Auld Git would like to turn the TV and NOT see the ugliness that is Amy Winehouse being thrust into his face all the time.

The scenes of her at the Grammy nonsense were truly sick-making last night – instead of being spurned, all her pals are patting her on the back. The only good thing is that we know they are really doing to curry favour in future, and not because they actually give a flying damn about her.

The Alien Winehouse

What the hell is that thing attached to her head…

1. An inoperable brain tumour – at least it would explain her behaviour

2. A space alien that has taken her over, and is (or more accurately now, was) feeding on her brain, but is now just using her body as a means to move around – at least it would explain her behaviour

3. Some sort of mutant insect or arachnoid that has attached itself there, and no can (or wants to) get it off

4. A nest, and if we’re lucky, whatever is living or breeding in there will explode one day

5. A bet that she forgot about, and thinks is supposed to be there

6. An evil mind control device that she has had implanted, and uses to make everyone worship her – which is why only the Auld Git can see it!

God… isn’t the last option the most horrible and frightening of them all.

There’s only one option, we have to get everyone to wear one of those cute little tinfoil hats, so favoured of the alien conspiracy theorists

7. Oh Shit! That’s the answer… SHE IS AN ALIEN!!!


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February 12, 2008 at 10:16 am

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