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Criminal Kovacevic sentenced for speeding

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Yet another scummy waste of space footballer thinks he is above the law that the rest of have to live within, and that his ridiculous pay give him the right to do as he pleases:

A footballer caught speeding at almost 100mph through a city centre has been ordered to carry out community service.

Dundee United defender Mihael Kovacevic was caught driving at 95mph in a 40mph zone on Dundee’s East Dock Street.

He claimed he had been confused over the speed limit – mistaking a 70mph sign on an adjacent railway line with the signs beside the road.

Clearly he is also delusional if he thinks anyone was ever going to swallow the rubbish he offered as an excuse.

Police found his Audi A8 4-2 Quattrohad been driven at a top speed of 95mph in a 40mph zone.

When he was stopped and told why the police wanted to speak to him he immediately said ‘I was just testing my car’ – so he thought they were mugs that should have been impressed by him too!

It’s a shame he was not sent to jail…

He was only ordered to carry out 100 community service, fined £700 and banned from driving for 14 months. So no key to be lost for his cell, and a fine that means nothing to his income.

They should take footballer’s cars and crush them – with no appeal.

And if they are leased or on payments, they should be be made to pay the lot at once, so the car is their property – and jailed if they don’t cmply.

BBC News – Dundee United defender Kovacevic sentenced for speeding


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March 21, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Amy ‘nearly died after drug binge’ – WHO CARES?

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Blake Fielder-Civil, 27, told THE SUN how the singer’s eyes went blank and she had a fit before she passed out and stopped breathing.

THE SUN? This story wouldn’t have anything to do with a bit of sensationalism and bit of cash by any chance?

He told The Sun how, in panic, he had pulled his then wife’s tongue out of her mouth so she would not bite it, opened her mouth and breathed air down her throat.

HE WHAT? That soundS more like the sort of kinky romp the two would NORMALLY get up to for kicks when on drug-crazed high, and he’s just some sort of…?

The 25-year-old star had started a drink and drugs binge three days earlier in a pub near Heathrow to celebrate the success of her 2006 album Back to Black, the newspaper reported.

So, assuming this rubbish is true, and the waste of skin really did this, then there was nobody holding it down and forcing the drugs down its throat, up its nose, or anywhere else. WHO CARES?

Fielder-Civil, who divorced Winehouse this month on the grounds of her adultery, said the episode was “the most frightening thing I had ever seen”. He had been taking heroin and crack too and was trying to get his wife to go to bed as she had not slept for three days, he said.

So What? The only surprising thing here is that the drugs brought him out of his normal stupor.

What’s the point of taking this story to THE SUN?

The readers can’t read, so they won’t be able to read it, unless there are pictures to go with it, so the only reason can be to make some money, and make the rest of sick.





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July 27, 2009 at 8:24 am

Give us peace Amy

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Please god, do something to stop the Winehouse freak from endlessly pushing her ugly face into the media at every opportunity.

It has to rank as one of, if not the most horrible thing that is currently being paraded under the name of celebrity.

Even that big fat Scottish thing-that-sings almost comes up looking presentable after all the slap has been caked on, and the excess hair ripped out.

Still pretty horrible to look at under the heading of entertainment, but better than the alien freakiness of Winehouse.

The whining groaning that is supposed to pass for talent is something that escapes me, and is still like some sort of animal being tortured that someone should attend to. Why, apart from giving her body away (and who would, you never know what you might catch) would anyone want to give this thing the endless stream of awards, it’s like rewarding drug-taking and over-dieting as if they were worthy activities.

As if anyone cares, we keep getting endless news releases about it’s life not being in danger, that it and it’s hubby are involved in criminal activities, but yet still seem to be able to escape any sort of justice.

Now it has been found not guilty of assaulting a dancer at a charity ball.

The court heard that the singer hit out at Sharlene Flash at in an “unfortunate accident”.

Isn’t it great what you can do when you’re celebrity vermin – and have enough money to buy everybody off.

Most offensive thing of all though was seeing the creep outside the court – smoking!

Just shows how “socially responsible” it is, setting an example of smoking drinking drugging violent celebrity for the all the kiddy fans to learn and follow.

If ever there was a case for banning, and fining anyone for smoking in public, we’ve just seen it.

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July 24, 2009 at 10:29 pm

Two pics of Britney Spears

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Although this is supposed to be a “looks like” pair of pictures, it “looks like” the folk that organise them slipped up on this one, and just posted two normal photos of Britney Spears by mistake.

I can’t see any difference, can you?

You’d still not want to be associated with this waste of skin though, who redefines the word “tramp”:

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July 24, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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Winehouse abandons comeback gig

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The world’s a slightly better place, as we read of sicko Amy Winhouse abandoning a so-called comeback gig at the St Lucia Jazz Festival – you have to wonder how much the organisers were paid in bribes to let that rubbish even be seen at their event, let alone assault people’s ears.

This vile creature had the cheek to blame the weather on its inability to stagger on and around the stage, and then made it worse by expressing disappointment.

The truth comes from the audience, where “fans” criticised its performance, and described attempts to sing as as “painful”.

To insult those at the festival further, the waste of skin forgot the words, and told the crowd “Sorry, I’m bored”.

A spokesman tried to rewrite history and hide this by later stating that rain flooded the stage, and that even though the performers tried to soldier on, the set had to be cut short.

Funny how the statement varies from what those that was there saw, as the waste mocked them by telling the crowd it was bored, and probably had to be pulled off the stage to stop it saying something even worse to them.

A quote from a local resident named only as Ben seem to have been distorted. While it has been published as “What a wasted talent”, it probably sounded more like “What a waster” when it was originally made.

Written by auldgit

May 9, 2009 at 1:34 pm

Give Amy a break

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“Give Amy Winehouse a break” said the commentator as he voiced-over pictures of the alien getting whisked off to yet another sesion in rehab. “She’s trying” said the disembodied voice.

How many breaks do you get before people realise you’re taking them for a ride?

The Auld Git’s coming to the conclusion that the Winhouse is actually an alien sent to earth to spy out the land in advance of an invasion, but was the equivalent of the “short straw” choice, and was the one with no brain – hence the “thing” that clings to the Winehouse head. While the plan was to maintain a human frontage and remain in hiding, the short straw winner was the stupidest of the bunch, and can’t remember to maintain its human appearance

Amy Winehouse Keith Richards
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October 5, 2008 at 8:22 am

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