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Court conned by fame connection?

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By all accounts, Andrew Tweedy is a reformed habitual drug user and convicted criminal.

Yet after emptying a pepper spray into the face of someone who appears to have been a stranger to him, he walked free from court with a 36-week suspended sentence.

How can anyone with a history of crime that should mean he is locked up and out of our way for years walk free after such a further combination of offences?
The court heard that Tweedy, who describes himself of the “black sheep” of his family, had been carrying the pepper spray to protect himself after he was attacked in the city.

Barrister Paul Caulfield said Tweedy – who has been convicted on 30 occasions for 82 separate offences since 1993 – was “very well known” in Newcastle, and suffered as a result of having a famous sister, pop star Cheryl Cole (who had nothing to say when asked to comment).

At an earlier hearing, Tweedy, 29, pleaded guilty to common assault and possession of a prohibited weapon, the pepper spray. He was given a suspended sentenced of 36 weeks in prison by the Recorder of Newcastle, Judge David Hodson, and will also have to pay his victim £250 compensation and carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

Well, that’s going to persuade him from carrying on and committing further unprovoked attacks and offences, or taking drugs, isn’t it?

I wish I had a famous celebrity relative.


Written by auldgit

May 15, 2009 at 9:14 am

Russell Brand is just scum

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Russell Brand has proven that he is filthy of appearance – doesn’t he make you sick just to look at? – and also sick in the head, after making a hoax call.

This piece of rubbish thought it was funny to phone a crime hotline and make a false report while he was on in the middle of a so-called performance. During the call, he pretended to be a woman and claimed to have spotted a man who might be responsible for a series of assaults. The female operator on the hotline became suspicious when the laughter of the audience at the Royal and Derngate theatre became audible, and ended the call when Brand began to sing and invited her out to dinner.

The BBC desribed this waste of skin as a “star” in its report – there are more appropriate words that could be used, but even when justified, the Auld Git will not be provoked into using such language in his blog.

Suffice to say that the cult of celebrity has worked its magic once again, and Northamptonshire Police have failed to confirm that action will be taken against this pathetic apology for a comedian.

A former heroin addict, alcoholic, and already with numerous run-ins with the law, Brand has been arrested eleven times. During the time of his addiction, he was known for his debauchery.

He’s somehow conned everyone onto believing he’s clean, maybe, but his head’s still twisted if he think’s he’s funny when putting other’s in danger.

Sure, just one more little drink, just one more little sniff, just one more little shot – one day.

Written by auldgit

July 16, 2008 at 10:51 am