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Lying footballer Paul Grant joins the drunk driver shame chain

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A footballer called Paul Grant has only been banned for drink-driving.

He plays for Hibs, and was only banned from driving for a year after pleading guilty to crashing a car and being found to be twice the legal alcohol limit. He must have lied to somebody, as he also admitted having no insurance when he crashed a friend’s car into a fence in Edinburgh’s Gilmerton Road in the city on March 27 of 2011, after being at a party

A breath test showed 72 micrograms of alcohol. The limit is 35 micrograms.

He was also fined a paltry £435, and was not jailed.

Yet another Teflon footballer slips through the courts with a trivial sentence – and the rest of look to heaven and say a ‘Thank you’ for the fact that his little criminal did not kill someone.

As if it was some sort of excuse, his defence solicitor, Kathleen More, said his 18th birthday had happened four days before the incident and he had been celebrating that at a friend’s house.

Can we take it then that he was either still twice the legal limit as he had been saturated with alcohol from a drunken binge at the party, or that he had just been drinking for four days?

She really showed how stupid she and her client thought everyone else one was, by claiming that as a professional sportsman, she said, he was not in the habit of drinking.

If there was the slightest inkling of truth in that patent nonsense, then he would have been drink driving, or been anything like twice the limit even if he had.

What an insult to anyone that might have been listening.

She added that Grant would face a disciplinary hearing by Hibs and was liable to be fined by them.


Sheriff Graeme Warner – obviously a Hibs football fan – allowed Grant to pay the fine at a paltry £40 per month.


Jail the little liar for a year or two – make the roads safe for the rest of us – AND send a message to all these blasted footballers that think the law does not apply to them.

<a title=”BBC News – Hibs footballer Paul Grant banned for drink-driving” href=”; target=”_blank”>BBC News – Hibs footballer Paul Grant banned for drink-driving</a>


Written by auldgit

April 19, 2011 at 1:35 am

Criminal Kovacevic sentenced for speeding

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Yet another scummy waste of space footballer thinks he is above the law that the rest of have to live within, and that his ridiculous pay give him the right to do as he pleases:

A footballer caught speeding at almost 100mph through a city centre has been ordered to carry out community service.

Dundee United defender Mihael Kovacevic was caught driving at 95mph in a 40mph zone on Dundee’s East Dock Street.

He claimed he had been confused over the speed limit – mistaking a 70mph sign on an adjacent railway line with the signs beside the road.

Clearly he is also delusional if he thinks anyone was ever going to swallow the rubbish he offered as an excuse.

Police found his Audi A8 4-2 Quattrohad been driven at a top speed of 95mph in a 40mph zone.

When he was stopped and told why the police wanted to speak to him he immediately said ‘I was just testing my car’ – so he thought they were mugs that should have been impressed by him too!

It’s a shame he was not sent to jail…

He was only ordered to carry out 100 community service, fined £700 and banned from driving for 14 months. So no key to be lost for his cell, and a fine that means nothing to his income.

They should take footballer’s cars and crush them – with no appeal.

And if they are leased or on payments, they should be be made to pay the lot at once, so the car is their property – and jailed if they don’t cmply.

BBC News – Dundee United defender Kovacevic sentenced for speeding

Written by auldgit

March 21, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Justice – celebrity style for trampy Lohan

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Don’t you just love the special treatment handed out to celebrities – and anyone unfortunate enough to fall somewhere under their shadow?

Lifelong tramp, druggy, and alcohol draining point, Lindsey Lohan, gets thrown into the Betty Ford clinic – really a holiday resort for the rich and famous – and then starts to assault the staff.

Who pays?

Not Teflon Lohan – no way!

Rather, a staff member the sodden so-called ‘star’ lashed out against gets the order of the boot, on a convenient charge of breaking patient confidentiality.

What a crock and set-up.

If that was a sacking offence, then the whole management of the Betty Ford clinic should be out on the street, begging bowls in hand.

If they were honouring that particular rule, then we should never know who is at the clinic, but the managers and owners don’t seem to have any problem with making sure the newspapers, magazines, and other media have a full and up to date listing of who is going in and out of the place, and usually why as well.

But that’s good publicity isn’t it, and good for business – not betraying their own patient’s confidentiality.

For some strange reason I cannot quite fathom, the word ‘hypocrite’ has just come to me. I wonder why?

[url=]BBC News – Lindsay Lohan suspected in attack on rehab staff member[/url]

Written by auldgit

December 22, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Evil bitch escapes jail

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The Aulgit choked over his corn flakes this morning, as he read the story of an evil bitch who was not jailed after jamming a glass into a man’s face three times.

Jenny Riding, 24, who is one of Scotland’s top female jockey’s and came second in the National Hunt amateur ladies championship (handy name she has for the business, wonder if its her own? ). might have lost control for a moment, and deserved the benefit of the doubt if she’d been provoked in some way, and unthinkingly struck out with the glass once.

However, that option should have been deleted when she decided that once was not enough, and while outside a pub in Crawford Street, Kelso, she rammed the glass into the man’s face for a second time.

And when she continued the attack by thrusting the glass into his for a third time, leaving him bruised and with a 3 cm wound requiring six stitches, the court should have locked her up without a second thought. That sort of attack is not a mistake, but a vicious and deliberate attempt to inflict serious pain and injury to the victim.

Instead, she trots out her trainers Peter Monteith and Dick Allan who said she was keen to get her life back on track and resume her promising career in the saddle.

I’ll bet she was!

Who wouldn’t rather play “little girl lost” and sit all miserable and doe-eyed in court, trump up some references from people with a vested interest in keeping her out of jail, and get a mere 200 hours of community services instead of a year inside for an attack that could have left someone permanently disfigure and blind for the rest of their life.

No wonder there’s violence on the street if this is best we can do when actually get our hands on one of the perpetrators – worse luck it happened to be one of the “horsey set” and was able to organise a “Get out of jail free card“.

And she has a history too, convicted of assaulting the man’s sister in 2002:

Jenny Riding, 24, of Allars Crescent, Hawick, struck Stewart McEwan three times in the face with the glass after he swore and called her a “smackhead”.

She admitted a charge of assault to severe injury outside the Red Lion pub in Kelso on 7 July last year.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court was told her career as a national hunt jockey was in the balance. Sentence was deferred. David Taylor, representing Riding, told Sheriff Ian Duguid that her future in the sport was in doubt. “She is a jockey – which is not a joke given her surname,” he said. “However, her future employment is pending the outcome of this case.”

The court was told Riding had a previous conviction from 2002 when she assaulted Mr McEwan’s sister by cutting her hair.

Juliet Petrusev, prosecuting, said that since then there had always been animosity between Riding and the McEwan family. She said that on the evening of the attack Mr McEwan had gone outside the pub and Riding shouted at him and told him he was a “dead man”. He had gone back inside but when he went out for a cigarette later she had started shouting and insulting him again.

“Mr McEwan swore back at her and shouted at her she was a smackhead,” said Ms Petrusev. “The accused had a glass in her hand which was either a tall spirit glass or a pint glass and she hit Mr McEwan on the face with the glass. He recoiled back and she struck him a further two times to the left hand side of the face.” The court heard that with the last strike the glass had broken, cutting Mr McEwan, and he had fallen to the ground. He required six stitches to a wound behind his left ear.

David Taylor, defending, said Riding had tried to apologise over the incident involving Mr McEwan’s sister but “those efforts had been rebuffed”. He pointed out both parties had been out drinking for some time and a significant amount of alcohol had been taken and both had been abusive.

Riding’s not guilty plea to a second charge of recklessly throwing a glass into the Red Lion and injuring a man was accepted by the Crown.

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June 28, 2008 at 3:29 pm

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Aristocrats want to be celebs too

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While peasants like you and me would end up in court, and have the keys thrown away automatically as we were carted off if we were found on a 450 mile trip with almost four times the legal alcohol limit in our bodies, the aristocracy reckons that they should be classed as celebrities, and allowed to swan off to a holiday camp instead- even though they already had a six month ban for speeding offences, and that’s a series of speeding offences, not just one. As well as being disqualified, that means driving uninsured as well, so tough luck for anyone hit or killed.

Poor little Katrina Bovill, a 36 year old artist and sister-in-law to the Earl of Hopetoun, was stopped by police on the A9, and despite the string of offences, and existing sentences, was considered for jail, but this was deferred for six months – maybe the presence of her father, Major Bristow Bovill, was a reminder to the judge to keep him in his place.

Everyone will be glad to know the poor little girlie is off to start a residential five-week alcohol detox programme in the Surrey clinic of Life Works to dry her out, and probably let her start all over again.

As has always been said, its’s not what you know, but who you know.

Written by auldgit

June 25, 2008 at 9:37 pm

Madman Mohamed Al Fayad

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In what is probably the best reason there ever was creating the world as a communist state, in which everyone get enough money (or credits) to allow them to survive just above starvation level, Madman Mohamed Al Fayed carries on with his insane claims that Princess Diana was murdered as part of some great conspiracy.

It really is time this nut-job was taken away and locked up somewhere out of harm’s way, where he could talk to the walls in peace, and not make everyone else’s life a misery, just so he can keep this story dragging on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on…

He lost his son too, and that is tragic, but it was an accident, albeit one that shouldn’t have happened, and albeit that he was in part responsible as the patriarch and employer of all those below him, including his son, and including security staff and drivers.

However, ordinary people without access to countless millions in personal wealth would, by now, have picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and in public at least, come to terms with the tragedy they had endured, not devoted their lives to a unending torture of deranged conspiracy theory pursuits.

Here’s a thought…

Given that Princess Diana was always a more worthy, publicly recognised and respected figure than he could ever have been or will be, if there was even the merest thread of reality in the insane rantings of Mohamed Al Fayed regarding his claims of Death Plots, then why is he still alive, more than ten years after the original event?

If the people/groups he claims really had anything to do with this deaths, which were the result of an (avoidable) accident, then they would have disposed of him and his endless whining long, long ago, as his death, years ago, in an accident, or in his sleep, would have shut him up, and there would have been no-one that would have made the same fuss about his passing, in the way he has about the Diana and Dodi’s.

The world is wrong, and Al Fayed is right.


Written by auldgit

April 7, 2008 at 6:09 pm