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POOH Gillian McKeith free ad on the BBC

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Failed con artist Gillian McKeith – famous for being caught trying to call herself Dr Gillian McKeith, but told to stop it after it was found she got the ‘title’ out of a Lucky Bag – popped up to advertise herself on the BBC tonight, with Jonathon Ross, where both of them had a great time discussing pooh.

Hatchet Face didn’t miss an opportunity to mention her holistic witchraft business, and how she poohs TWICE a day, AND inspects wht she produces each time.

Better still, we learn that this weird woman has even got a special toilet in her home, with a special ledge to catch that slightly solid natural body product, so it can be viewed and closely inspected without the interference of the usual water contamination making a mess of it.

This woman is one of the most irritating little yapping dogs that won’t go away.

Claiming to offer eating advice, all she does is advocate not eating things that are known to be particularly healthy if eaten in excess as if she was spouting something clever, and advices folk that are eating rubbish to stop it.

So what does she actually do?

Well, as luck would have it she sells books full of her shi?, sorry, nearly said it there, full of her advice. Presumably to sad people that read it, think it has done them some good, and them carry on as before, lighter only in so far as their wallets or purses and now much lighter, and the witch’s bank account is that little bit heavier.

And, even though this was on the BBC, there was a free advert for Hatchet Face’s forthcoming new book.

It’s a wonder she has time to squeeze TV appearances in, with all these poohs she has to make way for every day.


Written by auldgit

February 29, 2008 at 11:18 pm