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Amy ‘nearly died after drug binge’ – WHO CARES?

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Blake Fielder-Civil, 27, told THE SUN how the singer’s eyes went blank and she had a fit before she passed out and stopped breathing.

THE SUN? This story wouldn’t have anything to do with a bit of sensationalism and bit of cash by any chance?

He told The Sun how, in panic, he had pulled his then wife’s tongue out of her mouth so she would not bite it, opened her mouth and breathed air down her throat.

HE WHAT? That soundS more like the sort of kinky romp the two would NORMALLY get up to for kicks when on drug-crazed high, and he’s just some sort of…?

The 25-year-old star had started a drink and drugs binge three days earlier in a pub near Heathrow to celebrate the success of her 2006 album Back to Black, the newspaper reported.

So, assuming this rubbish is true, and the waste of skin really did this, then there was nobody holding it down and forcing the drugs down its throat, up its nose, or anywhere else. WHO CARES?

Fielder-Civil, who divorced Winehouse this month on the grounds of her adultery, said the episode was “the most frightening thing I had ever seen”. He had been taking heroin and crack too and was trying to get his wife to go to bed as she had not slept for three days, he said.

So What? The only surprising thing here is that the drugs brought him out of his normal stupor.

What’s the point of taking this story to THE SUN?

The readers can’t read, so they won’t be able to read it, unless there are pictures to go with it, so the only reason can be to make some money, and make the rest of sick.






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July 27, 2009 at 8:24 am

Winehouse rumour machine moved into top gear

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After carelessly being caught lashing out violently towards an innocent fan in the audience at Glastonbury, it looks as if the cheque books were out in force, and a few handy witnesses have come out of the woodwork with suitably honourable stories that turn the evilness into a virtuous and wronged individual.

Not only do they manage to come up the guy that was supposedly whacked, he’s such a nice, big-hearted, all round good guy, that he’s “disappointed”, but has no intention of making a complaint (to the police).

Neither would anyone else with the chance of a cheque on the horizon.

I don’t know what the rules are for getting into Tussaud’s waxworks is these days, but I guess they still have the medical section with all the deformed foetuses, body and face casts from those disfigured by illness, and the various freaks that were recorded as wax models.

I suppose they must still have the medical horrors section, and I see that Amy Winehouse is set to be immortalised in wax by Tussaud’s.

They’ll have to do something about the warning on the entrance to the display area though, as the present one is just not adequate to protect anyone of a sensitive or nervous disposition that might wander in see her with that alien attached to her, head, and if the warning is not made more graphic they could end up in court being sued if anyone faints, or collapses and dies from the shock of seeing it.

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June 30, 2008 at 10:07 pm

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Unstable Winehouse lashes out at concert

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Even when the drug-crazed Winehouse freak is trying to gain sympathy and con people into feeling sorry for her by having her family exaggerate tales of her suffering from the deadly lung disease emphysema, we still have to put up with her horrible appearance being shoved in our faces by the media. At least the truth slipped out in a reference to the London Clinic, where she is being treated for traces of emphysema. TRACES!!! Well, I’ve got traces of money in my pocket, but I still can’t afford to uby fuel and run a car any longer.

So seriously ill is Winehouse that she can still be ferried from her holiday home, eh, oh right, hospital bed and rehabilitation clinic, and is fit enough to perform (mime?) on stage at an outdoor concert – wow, she must be really really ill. And after all that illness, she’s still reported to have lashed out at a fan – lucky fan, imagine having to be treated for rabies, even nowadays.

Her twisted and distorted brain sees fit to decry fellow performers that appeared next her at Glastonbury, and managed to use the highly intelligent method of a string of four-letter words when referring to rapper Kanye West, but clearly thinks her jailbird husband deserves much better consideration, even though he’s in prison for causing grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice. A real nice guy, and just like his worse half.

Please Winehouse, get really ill in some way, not a pretend way, go to hospital, and keep out of our faces until you’re fixed, or put to sleep so spare suffering.

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June 30, 2008 at 9:53 pm

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Madman Mohamed Al Fayad

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In what is probably the best reason there ever was creating the world as a communist state, in which everyone get enough money (or credits) to allow them to survive just above starvation level, Madman Mohamed Al Fayed carries on with his insane claims that Princess Diana was murdered as part of some great conspiracy.

It really is time this nut-job was taken away and locked up somewhere out of harm’s way, where he could talk to the walls in peace, and not make everyone else’s life a misery, just so he can keep this story dragging on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on…

He lost his son too, and that is tragic, but it was an accident, albeit one that shouldn’t have happened, and albeit that he was in part responsible as the patriarch and employer of all those below him, including his son, and including security staff and drivers.

However, ordinary people without access to countless millions in personal wealth would, by now, have picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and in public at least, come to terms with the tragedy they had endured, not devoted their lives to a unending torture of deranged conspiracy theory pursuits.

Here’s a thought…

Given that Princess Diana was always a more worthy, publicly recognised and respected figure than he could ever have been or will be, if there was even the merest thread of reality in the insane rantings of Mohamed Al Fayed regarding his claims of Death Plots, then why is he still alive, more than ten years after the original event?

If the people/groups he claims really had anything to do with this deaths, which were the result of an (avoidable) accident, then they would have disposed of him and his endless whining long, long ago, as his death, years ago, in an accident, or in his sleep, would have shut him up, and there would have been no-one that would have made the same fuss about his passing, in the way he has about the Diana and Dodi’s.

The world is wrong, and Al Fayed is right.


Written by auldgit

April 7, 2008 at 6:09 pm