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Lying footballer Paul Grant joins the drunk driver shame chain

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A footballer called Paul Grant has only been banned for drink-driving.

He plays for Hibs, and was only banned from driving for a year after pleading guilty to crashing a car and being found to be twice the legal alcohol limit. He must have lied to somebody, as he also admitted having no insurance when he crashed a friend’s car into a fence in Edinburgh’s Gilmerton Road in the city on March 27 of 2011, after being at a party

A breath test showed 72 micrograms of alcohol. The limit is 35 micrograms.

He was also fined a paltry £435, and was not jailed.

Yet another Teflon footballer slips through the courts with a trivial sentence – and the rest of look to heaven and say a ‘Thank you’ for the fact that his little criminal did not kill someone.

As if it was some sort of excuse, his defence solicitor, Kathleen More, said his 18th birthday had happened four days before the incident and he had been celebrating that at a friend’s house.

Can we take it then that he was either still twice the legal limit as he had been saturated with alcohol from a drunken binge at the party, or that he had just been drinking for four days?

She really showed how stupid she and her client thought everyone else one was, by claiming that as a professional sportsman, she said, he was not in the habit of drinking.

If there was the slightest inkling of truth in that patent nonsense, then he would have been drink driving, or been anything like twice the limit even if he had.

What an insult to anyone that might have been listening.

She added that Grant would face a disciplinary hearing by Hibs and was liable to be fined by them.


Sheriff Graeme Warner – obviously a Hibs football fan – allowed Grant to pay the fine at a paltry £40 per month.


Jail the little liar for a year or two – make the roads safe for the rest of us – AND send a message to all these blasted footballers that think the law does not apply to them.

<a title=”BBC News – Hibs footballer Paul Grant banned for drink-driving” href=”; target=”_blank”>BBC News – Hibs footballer Paul Grant banned for drink-driving</a>


Written by auldgit

April 19, 2011 at 1:35 am

Criminal Kovacevic sentenced for speeding

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Yet another scummy waste of space footballer thinks he is above the law that the rest of have to live within, and that his ridiculous pay give him the right to do as he pleases:

A footballer caught speeding at almost 100mph through a city centre has been ordered to carry out community service.

Dundee United defender Mihael Kovacevic was caught driving at 95mph in a 40mph zone on Dundee’s East Dock Street.

He claimed he had been confused over the speed limit – mistaking a 70mph sign on an adjacent railway line with the signs beside the road.

Clearly he is also delusional if he thinks anyone was ever going to swallow the rubbish he offered as an excuse.

Police found his Audi A8 4-2 Quattrohad been driven at a top speed of 95mph in a 40mph zone.

When he was stopped and told why the police wanted to speak to him he immediately said ‘I was just testing my car’ – so he thought they were mugs that should have been impressed by him too!

It’s a shame he was not sent to jail…

He was only ordered to carry out 100 community service, fined £700 and banned from driving for 14 months. So no key to be lost for his cell, and a fine that means nothing to his income.

They should take footballer’s cars and crush them – with no appeal.

And if they are leased or on payments, they should be be made to pay the lot at once, so the car is their property – and jailed if they don’t cmply.

BBC News – Dundee United defender Kovacevic sentenced for speeding

Written by auldgit

March 21, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Twice as bad with Elvis

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Fat, overweight, drug soaked, died-on-the-bog king of nothing Elvis Presley did Britain a great service by only visiting it and despoiling it once, or so the relatively good news used to be.

The story of his flying visit when his plane landed at Prestwick (so, the Scots aren’t always the lucky ones) and the creep was seen wasn’t the only time his presence disgraced the Great Britain.

Now it seems the misery for the land has just doubled, and Mr Greasy was here twice…

Veteran rock star Tommy Steele has admitted he took Elvis Presley on a secret tour of London in 1958.

For more than 50 years, brain-dead Presley fans have believed the only time he ever set foot in the UK was during a stop-over at Prestwick Airport in March 1960, (and tried to convince the non-brain-dead that he’s still alive and well somewhere, rather than still trying to flush himself down a toilet somewhere).

But theatre producer Bill Kenwright revealed Steele’s secret on Radio 2.

In a note passed to the Daily Mail, Steele said he “swore never to divulge publicly” what took place and he “regrets” that news leaked out.

The 71-year-old, who is currently appearing in a production of Dr Dolittle in Woking, said: “I can only hope he [Presley] can forgive me.

Mr curl-up-and die-on-the-toilet might, but the rest of us don’t forgive you for letting slip that the disgrace to humankind has now doubled his time here, and made the place just a little bit dirtier than it was before.

How the heck anyone can have any admiration for someone like that is beyond me. If he’s been my boy I’d have done the decent thing years before, and shot him, and them myself for bringing him into the world.

Written by auldgit

April 23, 2008 at 1:02 am

Good riddance – now don’t come back

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Now that the case is over, perhaps we won’t have to put up with appearances by Heather Mills.

She must be one of the nastiest pieces of work floating around at the moment, and is yet another celebrity waster that you have to be sorry for the children of – you can only wonder what the poor daughter will be like when she grows up, and Beatrice is more than her current four years old. I smell a brat in the making, and that’s a shame.

£24 million – the Auld Git wouldn’t give Heather Mills 24 pence for a cup of tea, although the chances are she’d throw it at him, that’s both the money and the tea, as she wouldn’t be seen with anything less than Starbucks or the like grasped by her claw.

You get a real insight into the lying witch’s personality after judge Hugh Bennett’s criticisms of her as “less than impressive” were rewarded with her return judgement of his efforts as “outrageous”. As if she she was qualified to lick the boots of such a learned person clean, let alone pass any sort of remark about the quality of his work.

She’s clearly suffering from some sort of delusions, after publicly drawing attention to the information she was complaining about being made public, when she made a statement that the decision to put the entire ruling in the public domain, including her home addresses, threatened her security and that of her daughter, four-year-old Beatrice.

Get real bitch! Anyone that wants to threaten the security of someone like you already knows everything they need to without any help – this is hardly classified secret data, and can be found in public records anyway, apart from which, any nice journalist would part with the info for a few quid anyway.

She probably lied about her address anyway (and lots of other things) since one of the first things she did was come out an boast about lying as soon as the case was over:

Asked about accusations that she poured water over McCartney’s lawyer Fiona Shackleton at the conclusion of Monday’s hearing, she said she approached her and said: “I’m not a loser.” “I poured the whole jug of water on her head. I was very calm,” she added.

After being awarded 24.3 million pounds (31.1 million euros, 49.1 million dollars), Mills strongly criticised Shackleton, who previously represented Prince Charles in his divorce from princess Diana. Shackleton, whose helmet of blonde hair is normally impeccably coiffed, emerged from the court with a “just-showered” look. Mills previously said she had been given a “baptism” in court but denied she was responsible.

There’s a distinct pattern that appears whenever Mills opens her mouth – it always seem to be saying something to the effect that everyone but her is a fool or incompetent in some way or another.

Definitely some sort of psycho to cross the road for if you ever see her coming – bet Paul McCartney wishes he had!

Written by auldgit

March 19, 2008 at 2:52 am

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Jordan bu(r)sts out

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Another waste of skin, and what a lot of skin in some places, JORDAN is now forcing her abhorrent and gross carcase into our faces on the front covers of any magazine that will let this media whore collect a few more pieces of silver to finance her, and her plastic toy-boy’s life style. The saddest thing as these things are allowed to breed – you can only the pity the kids and what they will become in the future, with parents like that.

After spending her past life forcing larger implant upon larger implant into her chest to keep herself propped up somewhere around the top of the media spoil heap, she’s now getting herself headline billing one the celebrity rags by proclaiming “I’ve ruined my body” or some similar rubbish.


Nobody twisted her arm up her back and forced her onto the plastic surgeon’s table! She did it all on her own and for no reason other than to get attention, or rather money. Anyone with more than the celebrity single brain cell knows that boob jobs have consequences, and if you’re going to get the job done, and done repeatedly to extreme, then hell mend you if you suffer the consequences.


Obliged to walk past those damned celebrity vermin magazines on the way to the supermarket checkout, there’s little, sorry BIG miss ‘I can cover my nipples with a piece of string and get all the photographers to watch in case I slip’ adorning their covers for the second week running, and having told us she’d ruined her body last week, this week there’s some drivel about ruining her life or something to be had.

It just makes you wish that rubbish like this would turn into something useful like a ding beetle, and go crawl away and give the rest of peace, and a break from having to see them, no matter how much we try an avoid it.

Written by auldgit

February 19, 2008 at 9:22 pm

Chantelle makes a million?

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Has celebrity culture corrupted Britain?

BBC’s Big Question this morning, which was bad enough when we had to put up with Myleene Klass whining on about her past life and problems (which still gave her a big fat path to the bank), she then had to lie outright and try and make us believe that the her Baby Diary was never written with the intention of publication.

Give us a break!!!

Does your worshipful position as a celebrity (spit) give you the right to insult everyone by suggesting their brains are defective?

Then she compounds the insult by trying to make an “It’s no big issue” claim that she thought it should be a warts and all account, and that she turned down the publisher’s offer to remove the ‘potentially embarassing’ personal bits.

Give us a break!!!

What you really mean is that you sat with your agent and worked out how many more copies the gritty bits would sell, and what they were worth.

Where did Chantelle come into the story?

Just that her name came up, along with the fat slob Jady Goody, and we were treated to the information that Chantelle, who has to one of the greatest wastes of skin in the land (Jade’s got too much, and would make 2 or 3 leather suites), had an income approaching £1 million last year.

What for???

Target practice maybe…

A candidate for my forthcoming TV show… I’m a Celebrity, GET ME!

Written by auldgit

February 17, 2008 at 11:08 am