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Go Gaza go… please!

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I see the judge removed Paul Gascoigne’s legal ability to drive by banning him immediately after he appeared in court, having been found to have FOUR time the legal limit for alcohol in his blood.

BBC News – Jail warning for Gazza for drink driving

What I don’t understand is why this piece of rubbish was not just sent straight to jail, where he could have sat and waited in comfort for his trial to come up.

Instead, he’s free to wander the streets, and drive again – celebrity trash has a record of ‘forgetting’ they are not legally entitled to get behind the wheels of their expensive toys – and has proven he’s not responsible.

The case should not be about whether or not he goes to jail this time – it should merely be about how long for, and how hard it can be made to find the key when his time is up.


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October 20, 2010 at 3:55 pm

What a wonderful day (almost)

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What a wonderful day – as long as it lasts.

An accursed celebrity is going to jail.



3 cheers for the judge…



There’s bad news with the good.

Filthy druggy smackhead Pete Doherty, who likes to drive illegally too, (so you and your kids might meet him in an unforgettable and memorable way one day) has been carted away to jail, apparently for a miserably small period of only 14 weeks, but more on that later.

There’s a little more good news in that we won’t have to put up with his dirty, smoke-stained face leering at us from the media as the sentence means he gets to miss his gig at the Royal Albert Hall in April – you would have thought the managers there would have had more taste, and told him to go away and not be silly, but it’s amazing what a back-hander can get you.

Every silver lining has a cloud, and this case it’s the announcement that Mr Mucky may only spend a month standing with his back rivetted against a wall in the slammer, and could be out in time to go on another drug fuelled spree at Glastonbury.

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April 8, 2008 at 11:52 pm

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Kershaw runs to form

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Three days after being let out of prison after spending 44 days being kept at the Auld Git’s expense, DJ Andy Kershaw shows his contempt, and failure to understand how to don the celebrity’s Teflon overcoat and slip out of custody by using his name, and get himself thrown back into jail.

According to the news, he’s just carrying on as before, and breaching a court order.

Typical “I’m better than the rest of you” behaviour.

Out of jail on Fiday, and back in the following Monday.

Like all this rubbish, should just be thrown in jail, and then save time and cost for the rest of us by throwing the key away!

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March 4, 2008 at 12:12 pm

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