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Katona’s real personality

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You can’t get away from real rubbish, and the Katona waster has revealed its true colours in the past few days.

First caught on video cramming drugs into itself, and coming out with the usual whining of this sort of filthy smackhead, sorry etc etc.

Not sorry about doing drugs, but sorry it got caught.

Now it’s shown it’s violent side, and while it’s already in the eyes of the police for its drug-related offences, it decides to lash out.

Former pop star Kerry Katona has been arrested on suspicion of attacking a man in her home town of Warrington.

A 28-year-old woman from Wilmslow, understood to be the star, was detained at Hawthorne Business Park on Wednesday, Cheshire Police said.

The mother-of-four was also questioned on suspicion of criminal damage and a public order offence.

The former winner of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! made headlines two weeks ago when a national newspaper published a video of her allegedly snorting cocaine in the bathroom of her home.

Ms Katona was dropped as the face of frozen food chain Iceland following the revelations.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: “A 28-year-old woman from Wilmslow has been released and granted police bail until 12 October at 9am pending further investigation.”

She was held at Runcorn custody suite where she will return to answer bail next month, said a police spokesman.

You have to pity the poor police photographer, probably will the next to get beaten up by her – after all, you can only imagine how awful her mug shot will be with that nose of hers, what her face will look like without the photographer being paid to make the shot flattering and hide it.

It’s even the star of her own violent cartoon now, and used to frighten little children into behaving, with the threat of being adopted by it:


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August 27, 2009 at 8:00 am

Kerry Katona dump

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The title of this post was Kerry Katona dumped, then I realised that dump was another word for turd, and that just seemed even more accurate, so went with the shorter version.

I’ve never understood why Iceland went with the fat tart, portrayed as if she was some sort of lovely caring mother in their adverts – well, I do know, it;s because she’s another piece of celebrity vermin that attract viewers looking for gossip.

I’ve never understood why the fat tart was also promoted as being attractive, as she’s far from it until covered with makeup applied by an expert, and she’s got a mouth like¬† bucket, and now we know she’s got a nose like one too, thanks to the video that shows her having a good snort to keep her going for another few minutes.

Why are people so willing to be conned like trash such as Kerry Katona, and throw money at them to let them have a life that most people can only be envious of? And why do they always waste it, with drugs and the like.

Celebrity vermin I call them all, and celebrity vermin nearly all of them prove to be, and they should be put down, just like vermin.

At least Iceland didn’t waste any time, and administered a good size 12 boot up her backside, and got rid of the smackhead at the first opportunity, and didn’t go in for any sympathy nonsense.

Like the smug bitch isn’t laughing all the way to bank with their money already, with their ¬£250,00 for doing sod all but putting he fat face into their ads.

Good choice of product there though – stuffed pig pork!


Written by auldgit

August 19, 2009 at 10:08 am

What’s a Katona?

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Why does rubbish like Kerry Katona get the free publicity to plauge our lives and blight our TV screens with theot horrible faces and lives, as if anyone gives a damn?

Worse still, having done the cocaine thing, they then complain when the media picks up on it and repeats the story.

GET REAL – you’re rolling in it because you were snorting the stuff and it was putting you in the headlines and filling your bank account.

NOW, we’re supposed to be sorry for you because the papers are running a story that you are heading towards bankruptcy. WELL WHO THE HELL CARES??? AND JUST WHERE DID IT START?

You’ve had more money, and are enjoying a better lifestyle than most of the folk dumb enough to think you are worth their attention.

Now you’re going to sicken the rest of us by showing you’re fat and ugly blob of a body naked and in the bath after inviting a camera team into your home – what will you do next? Complain because a camera team followed you into your house and filmed you? IF SO, will you hand back any cash that came from it?

Thank god I never buy anything from Iceland, what a bunch of sellouts they are anyway, using someone who is ‘famous’ for little else than being famous or being a celebrity. And contract renewed too!!!

Katona’s sickening to watch if you’re unlucky enough to catch her grabbing some publicity on TV, as she’ll generally be moaning about the media featuring her drugs past or her throwing her clothes off or something – like she wasn’t lapping it up at the trough of publicity.

Please Iceland, do us all a favour and keep fatty off out screens, just cancel the contract, please.

And Kerry, we really don’t need you to demonstrate the level of your intellectual superiority by offering to fart in the bath for the camera crew. Now tell us you didn’t do that for any reason other than to provide a ‘talking point’ when the programme is being discussed in future.

Scheming, it comes naturally, especially if it might bring in another buck or two.

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February 12, 2008 at 6:03 pm

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The Fatz Files

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The Auld Git read with some amazement that Vanessa Feltz only managed to get voted the 93rd worst Briton in Channel 4‘s poll of the 100 Worst Britons back in 2003.

The Auld Git considers himself fortunate not to live somewhere where any of her drivel is spouted over the airwaves, as her appearances on TV are more than enough to warrant a leap for the remote and a rapid change of channel.

A thoroughly nasty piece of work, unless it’s for the money, it’s hard to see how any man would want to be near this self-centred, self-opinionated, arrogant, rude harpy. Then again, there is at least one divorce in her wake (lucky escape brother).

It’s nice to read the occasional article that relates how she gets ejected from some jobs for making ridiculous demands, and for treating lesser staff as slaves – the only downside of these articles is that they still reveal she is laughing all the way to the bank, with contracts figured in the millions. I still find it hard to come to terms with the fact that as a television licence payer, I have ‘voluntarily’ put money in her purse.

If you haven’t seen it, do take any opportunity to see the episode of Celebrity Wife Swap where she swapped places with Debbie McGhee and spent a few day making Paul Daniels life an absolute misery. Debbie was lucky enough only to receive The Wisdom of the Fatz in the aftermath, while Paul did his best to live his life without the benefit of The Wisdom of the Fatz, while still maintaining some dignity while attached to the big fat control freak. (Guess I lose the argument now, what is it they say? If you descend to insults, then you have lost the point. Oh well, I plead provocation in mitigation).

Unfortunately I forget the exact expression she used, but she gave the game away when she made some reference to not getting the respect she deserved. This is a dead give away for someone that doesn’t deserve any respect. The Auld Git has never expected anyone to respect him, but is pleased to receive such respect if earned or offered, and better still if the subject doesn’t come up at all. I had no thoughts of having any respect for the Fatz before seeing the Wife Swap programme, and after it, there’s never going to be any.

The Auld Git’s jaw is recovering, having dropped rapidly after an unfortunate sighting of the Fatz on breakfast TV a few days ago. Having thought she might be due some credit for losing loads of fat in recent years, and changed herself from a big fat waddling porker with chicken wings flapping around whenver she raised her arms, into a remarkably attractive slim woman (given her age), she started to spout the same old rubbish about being fat and happy, and turned back into a roly-poly waddling mini mountain again. Apparently the weight’s being shed again (why bother dear, you’re never going to have the willpower to keep it off) and there she was, clearly mentally picturing herself as thin, while the rest of us have to assault our eyes with the reality. There was the Fatz, squeezed into a short, bright blue mini dress, pouring herself over a sofa, witht the hem riding high and acres of thigh and calf on view, and a weird pair of ugly stilleto heeled shoes that looked as if they would never take the weight if she stood up on them.

There truly is no justice when people like that can earn millions simply because they can attract viewers and listeners to the media.

I’m just sorry for her daughter, just a kid, but laying on the pounds in training to join Britain growing army of the obese without realising it, and without a parent that cares enough to prevent it.

Written by auldgit

February 4, 2008 at 4:02 pm

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