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The criminal Katona dynasty

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God knows how much the irritating Kerry Katona thing actually has if she can have an unpaid tax bill of £82,000 from an initial sum of £417,00.

The case had already been before the court four times, and two weeks ago Mr Registrar Nicholls set Thursday as a deadline for Miss Katona to find the money.

Four times! And she didn’t even have the decency to turn up in court and beg for another extension. No wonder the taxman laughed when her representative said the funds were available but the cheques hadn’t cleared – sure, “The cheque’s in the post.. really… it is… honest… I posted it myself… honest… cross my heart and…”


This dates back to January, she’s fiddling her taxes, and now she’s caught.

What does this whining waste of skin do to be paid that sum?

Actually, it seems the answer is that she’s part of a family of crooks, and she’s gone down the bankruptcy route to evade her tax bill, after being well trained by her mother, Susan Katon, who’s a benefit fraud and admitted wrongly claiming income support and council tax benefit at Runcorn Magistrates Court.

What a bunch of crooks and wasters – the daughter’s trying to cheat the taxman and getting money for doing nothing, and the mother busy cheating the benefit system, and using her daughter’s name to con people out of many, and still claim benefits that you and I pay to support.

Just lock them up and throw the key away.


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August 21, 2008 at 5:13 pm

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A Winehouse and a Sick Bag please

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It’s torture…

Every time I look at the news or a home there’s some sort of rubbish about the horror that is Winehouse.

I’m now starting to feel physically sick when I see this freak pushed in my face for the umpteenth time – can’t some smart programmer come up with some codes that blocks her scrawny, dirty, hairy, scab covered, bony, drug and alcohol filled body from my eyes BEFORE the image is loaded onto the screen?

What’s the idea with the paint she smears at the side of her eye’s? I don’t get this at all. Apart from telling us she’s not capable of managing to get eye make-up within an inch of her eye, there’s the even sadder aspect that none of the people she’s giving thousand to look after gives a damn, and is prepared to let her go out in public looking like that to be laughed at, rather than doing something for their money!

As if that’s not bad enough, I now have to live with the Sun’s account of her cheating on her man while he’s inside, and she’s bonking the Babyshambles or whatever their name is.

She must paying them for it – would you let any fluid’s from that infected bag of skin touch you if it sneezed in the same room as you, let alone anything that might pass as a result of intimate body contact – the very thought’s enough to make your skin crawl.

You’d need a guaranteed, high-speed, emergency route straight to outpatients if you were daft enough to let THIS touch you…


Written by auldgit

May 3, 2008 at 10:54 pm