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Lying footballer Paul Grant joins the drunk driver shame chain

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A footballer called Paul Grant has only been banned for drink-driving.

He plays for Hibs, and was only banned from driving for a year after pleading guilty to crashing a car and being found to be twice the legal alcohol limit. He must have lied to somebody, as he also admitted having no insurance when he crashed a friend’s car into a fence in Edinburgh’s Gilmerton Road in the city on March 27 of 2011, after being at a party

A breath test showed 72 micrograms of alcohol. The limit is 35 micrograms.

He was also fined a paltry £435, and was not jailed.

Yet another Teflon footballer slips through the courts with a trivial sentence – and the rest of look to heaven and say a ‘Thank you’ for the fact that his little criminal did not kill someone.

As if it was some sort of excuse, his defence solicitor, Kathleen More, said his 18th birthday had happened four days before the incident and he had been celebrating that at a friend’s house.

Can we take it then that he was either still twice the legal limit as he had been saturated with alcohol from a drunken binge at the party, or that he had just been drinking for four days?

She really showed how stupid she and her client thought everyone else one was, by claiming that as a professional sportsman, she said, he was not in the habit of drinking.

If there was the slightest inkling of truth in that patent nonsense, then he would have been drink driving, or been anything like twice the limit even if he had.

What an insult to anyone that might have been listening.

She added that Grant would face a disciplinary hearing by Hibs and was liable to be fined by them.


Sheriff Graeme Warner – obviously a Hibs football fan – allowed Grant to pay the fine at a paltry £40 per month.


Jail the little liar for a year or two – make the roads safe for the rest of us – AND send a message to all these blasted footballers that think the law does not apply to them.

<a title=”BBC News – Hibs footballer Paul Grant banned for drink-driving” href=”; target=”_blank”>BBC News – Hibs footballer Paul Grant banned for drink-driving</a>


Written by auldgit

April 19, 2011 at 1:35 am

Criminal Kovacevic sentenced for speeding

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Yet another scummy waste of space footballer thinks he is above the law that the rest of have to live within, and that his ridiculous pay give him the right to do as he pleases:

A footballer caught speeding at almost 100mph through a city centre has been ordered to carry out community service.

Dundee United defender Mihael Kovacevic was caught driving at 95mph in a 40mph zone on Dundee’s East Dock Street.

He claimed he had been confused over the speed limit – mistaking a 70mph sign on an adjacent railway line with the signs beside the road.

Clearly he is also delusional if he thinks anyone was ever going to swallow the rubbish he offered as an excuse.

Police found his Audi A8 4-2 Quattrohad been driven at a top speed of 95mph in a 40mph zone.

When he was stopped and told why the police wanted to speak to him he immediately said ‘I was just testing my car’ – so he thought they were mugs that should have been impressed by him too!

It’s a shame he was not sent to jail…

He was only ordered to carry out 100 community service, fined £700 and banned from driving for 14 months. So no key to be lost for his cell, and a fine that means nothing to his income.

They should take footballer’s cars and crush them – with no appeal.

And if they are leased or on payments, they should be be made to pay the lot at once, so the car is their property – and jailed if they don’t cmply.

BBC News – Dundee United defender Kovacevic sentenced for speeding

Written by auldgit

March 21, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Rubbish Gascoigne

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There are times when I raise my eyes towards heaven, and thank god I hate football. Of all the semi-legitimate sports, it seems to attract the lowest form of life, which can con its fans into worshipping it, while breeding low-lives that are more likely than most to kill or maim its fans one day.

Footballers almost seem to see the purchase of fast cars from their ridiculous and obscene pay, and then consider themselves above the law, and drive them way over the speed limit, or when drunk, and not bother with such trivialities as insurance or a driving licence.

One past master at being offensive is Paul Gascoigne, who has just been charged with drink-driving, driving without insurance and driving without a licence.

I don’t suppose there even the slightest hope he’ll get a magistrate or judge on his case that’s also a football (or even a footballer) hater, and decides to make an example of him, and throw the key away for a few years, so the rest of us can have some peace, and not be subject to news about this sort of rubbish for a while.


Have a look at the photo Yahoo News attached to their story – the text says Gascoigne is 42 years old.

The photo looks more like someone about to start collecting their pension!

Written by auldgit

March 29, 2010 at 1:35 pm

George Michael rises to the level of the public toilet

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Filth like George Michael just can’t break their disgusting dirty habits.

Not content with fiddling with others…

It met lover Brazilian Anselmo Feleppa, struck up a close relationship until he killed Mr Feleppa with Aids two years later.

It was outed as homosexual after propositioning an undercover police officer in a public toilet in Los Angeles in 1998. The arrest and subsequent conviction for lewd conduct resulted in a $450 fine and 80 hours community service. Tough luck for the community concerned – with everyone watching their back(sides).

It spoken about the open nature of the relationship, and admitted seeking “anonymous and no-strings sex” on London’s Hampstead Heath. Thank god we know where not to go, or is that a hint as to where to go hunting?

He has made no secret of his use of marijuana, resulting in a number of scrapes with the law in recent years. He told Desert Island Discs his marijuana use could be “a problem” and said he is “constantly trying” to smoke less of the drug.

He was twice cautioned for possessing cannabis after being found asleep at the wheel of his car on two separate occasions in 2006. The same year, he was seen lighting what appeared to be a cannabis joint on a South Bank Show special, saying: “This stuff keeps me sane and happy.”

It’s not to good with cars either, and has had a number of run in with the law over that too…

As a result of one of the incidents, he was also sentenced to 100 hours of community service and banned from driving for two years. In 2007, he was also in the headlines after being accused of colliding with three parked cars and driving off without notifying the owners.


It’s been arrested in a public toilet for more drugs problems:

Pop singer George Michael has been cautioned by police after being arrested in a public toilet in London for possession of drugs. It was taken to a police station and given the caution for possessing class A and class C drugs.

“A 45-year-old man was arrested on 19 September on suspicion of possession of drugs in the Hampstead Heath area,” a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

Who in their right mind would want to be near this piece of rubbish?

You’ll either get Aids or something nasty, or run a fair chance of being in some sort of car accident. If they don’t get, then the police might grab you, just for being stupid.

Written by auldgit

September 20, 2008 at 11:19 pm

Snipes wins three new ‘awards’

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Well, it looks as if Wesley Snipes didn’t fiddle enough from his taxes to grease the appropriate palms, or maybe he just doesn’t know the right funny handshake.

One year in the slammer for each failure to file a tax return, and no hint (at the moment) that the three year sentence will magically transform itself into some sort of probation, or maybe day-release, or a nice little tag.

Our man should be taking a leaf out of the Paris Hilton book of blowj how to do hand hard time. A few more stints of bursting into tears maybe, and perhaps looking as if he’s coming apart at the seams while he’s got his back planted firmly, cheeks tighly clenched while ‘Alice’ sidles alongside, and he should be able to win over another judge on appeal, and get a reduction.

Wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there’s a roomful of lawyers somewhere, busily working out how to sue the judge and the court for the millions that Snipes will claim he will lose while he’s being banged up inside.

Maybe he’ll meet some vamps.

Written by auldgit

April 25, 2008 at 2:24 am

Footballer thug cautioned

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Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has been arrested and cautioned by police for common assault.

Looks like he’s one footballer that’s not a big enough star to work the old Teflon Overcoat routine, or give the right handshake to a mate who would make this go away. Must be a real ego-deflater for people like this who think they are gods and above the law, able to shove ‘Little People’ around and not suffer any consequences.

The former England international, 30, was questioned on Wednesday about a roadside argument with a man near his Crosby home on Tuesday. Carragher had been on his way to training at the club’s Melwood ground at the time.

The assault was reported to Merseyside police by a witness to the incident involving the Bootle-born player. Later that day the alleged victim reported Liverpool’s vice-captain to officers who arranged an appointment to interview Carragher.

Merseyside Police -1

Jamie Carragher  -nil


Written by auldgit

February 28, 2008 at 6:49 pm

I’m a DJ, I’m above the law

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Here we go again.

Another scumbag druggy gets caught practicing their filthy habit, and instead of getting what they rightly deserve (and having the keys thrown away for good measure) because they’re a member of cult ruling celebrity vermin class.

Radio 1 DJ Grooverider has been jailed for four years in Dubai after admitting cannabis possession.

The DJ, whose real name is Raymond Bingham, co-presented a weekend drum & bass show on the station.

He was arrested on 23 November 2007 after being caught with 2.16 grams of cannabis at the airport.

Bingham claims the drugs were in the pocket of a pair of trousers and he had forgotten about them.

He’ll serve the minimum sentence for possession in the United Arab Emirates but his agents have told Newsbeat they hope to get him released.

A Radio 1 spokesman said: “Grooverider has paid a very high price for a serious mistake.”

He hasn’t paid a “high price”, he’s got the sentence appropriate for the crime he committed, and did so willingly without anyone twisting his arm up his back.

There’s no mystery or surprise about the sentence, and there’s certainly no reason why anyone shouldn’t know how seriously some countries are prepared to treat criminals like Radio 1 DJ Grooverider who can depend on their agents to get them a deal.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, unfortunately the story smacks of all the usual, Poor Guy – deserves a break – didn’t really do anything wrong – claptrap that makes it looks as if being a smackhead is just fine.

Written by auldgit

February 19, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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