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Don’t spill the boxer’s drink!

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There’s a sheriff with an eye for the truth. Summing up the behaviour of yet another spoilt brat, former world champion boxer Scott Harrison…

Sheriff Wood said: “You are the type of people citizens do not want to come across when they are out. You show no respect for others, you could not care less and only think of yourself. With drink in you, you are not wanted. You should all hang your heads in shame.

The court heard the Harrison and two friends had complained about a spilled drink at a bar in Glasgow. Police were called. Hinde and Harrison broke away from the officers but were later arrested. Harrison was cleared of a charge of assaulting PC Iain Gray at a Glasgow city centre police station.

Harrison was sentenced to a mere 200 hours of community service for his actions.

Addressing Harrison, Sheriff Wood said: “You have done well as a professional sportsman but certain pressure got to you and you crumbled. You lost a title and close relationships and were made bankrupt. You had an excellent professional reputation, but you built another one – an unenviable one. I am told that you are trying to get your life back on track. Only there does salvation lie for you.

No example here at all, and all the yobs that think boxing ie battering someone until they are bleeding and senseless in the name of gambling (What? Oh! Sorry… sport) is a good example for behaviour in life will be thinking his behaviour is KEWL.

A few weeks knocked up in a half decent, overcrowded jail, with broken drains would have been far better, and maybe made him appreciate what he had squandered, and the price to be paid if he wants to abuse others.


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March 10, 2008 at 11:21 pm

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Kershaw runs to form

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Three days after being let out of prison after spending 44 days being kept at the Auld Git’s expense, DJ Andy Kershaw shows his contempt, and failure to understand how to don the celebrity’s Teflon overcoat and slip out of custody by using his name, and get himself thrown back into jail.

According to the news, he’s just carrying on as before, and breaching a court order.

Typical “I’m better than the rest of you” behaviour.

Out of jail on Fiday, and back in the following Monday.

Like all this rubbish, should just be thrown in jail, and then save time and cost for the rest of us by throwing the key away!

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March 4, 2008 at 12:12 pm

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DJ Kershaw – great example

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At 48 years of age, brainless DJ Andy Kershaw should know better, but maybe the excesses of being a star (hah) and DJ have dulled the power of his brain cell, or it just rolled out down his nose one day.

This shining example, allowed to babble away to the anyone unfortunate enough to tune in to his radio show, or be forced to listen to it as someone nearby does, was described as being ‘hell-bent’ on destroying himself – WHAT A PITY HE HAS TO DO IT IN PUBLIC AND MAKE THE REST OF US LOOK ON AS THE NEWS SHOVES THE STORY IN OUR FACES!

He’s a real nice guy too, having just been released from prison after a 44 day stay for breaking a restraining order involving his ex-partner, AND of admitting that he send text messages of ‘an abusing nature’ intended for receipt by his children.

Employed by the BBC, but currently off the air, the BBC should do the ‘Decent Thing’ and see that yet another piece of celebrity rubbish is put down into the gutter, where he’s clearly demonstrated he deserves and wants to be, and not being supported by the Auld Git’s licence fee, which is presumably providing him with a nice fat salary, probably two or three times greater than the Auld Git has ever earned doing REAL WORK, and not just talking rubbish for a few hours.

Still, Kershaw can’t be all bad, at least he had the decency to plead GUILTY, and not waste the court’s time.

Written by auldgit

March 2, 2008 at 2:31 am