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Good week in Hollywood

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It’s not often the Auld Git goes to sleep with a smile on his face from news about Hollywood, but the news was a little better than usual this week.

First off the presses was a note about a spat between the Odeon cinema chain and Sony had screwed up Stallone’s pocket money collection, to the effect that the chain wasn’t showing the latest repeat, sorry remake, sorry New Film: Rambo (where have I heard that before?), and that the opening take was miraculously halved as a result of this little tiff, so that it only collected something like £1.27 million in its opening weekend, instead of an expected (yeh, right, like it would’ve) £2.5 to £3 million if it had screened as widely as it ‘should’.

You can just imagine Stallone and his other over-paid cronies crying into their gold breakfast dishes over the loss.

Then there was more good new, with the announcement that the annual “Let’s all pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves nice awards to let the world know how great we think we are” awards flopped and this year’s Oscars ceremony returned the ceremony’s lowest TV ratings in the US, according to initial figures.

Why anyone would even bother to look at this mindless rubbish is beyond the Auld Git, as the pre-rehearsed awards hysterics are enacted, and ACTORS ACT SURPRISED, while the collect the badges that they have paid for to ensure their place in the pecking order to decide just where in the money laden trough their snouts will land next year.

Maybe it’s worth watching this stuff just to see how far they’re prepared to go to make it look as if any of the awards and winners are surprised.

Maybe one day they’ll make in interesting, and put one of Saddam’s followers in charge, and as selected ‘Lucky Winners’ are led outside, there will be a BANG, and an announcement of another retiral, to make way for next year’s Next Big Thing.

Hey, maybe the writers will go on strike, AND never come back.

(No, never happen, who’d give up a multi-million dinner ticket after all – still, they should be taught some sort of lesson, taking home more that most folks lifetime earnings in a week, they deserve to be thrown out without a cent for having the gall to go on strike.)


Written by auldgit

February 26, 2008 at 1:56 pm

Sickening morning news

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What a sick-making morning it was this morning, as the Auld Git struggled to keep his Rice Crispies down after the news came on.

First, there was the absolutely stunning news that Amy Wienhouse had managed to stay upright long enough to slur through some song and not fall over after being awarded (well, the noise she makes doesn’t merit the use of the word ‘winning’) a ridiculous number of prizes for knowing all the right people. That should keep the family in booze an illicit substances for a long time, and send all the wrong signals to the young that that this how you succeed.

Then it got worse as the BAFTAs were thrown at us. Does anyone realise that all this is the rich and richer all patting one another on the back and celebrating the millions that they extort from their sponsors, and working out how divvy up the next years millions amongst themselves. You can picture the scene as they work out who will go where and do what for whom, and what they will demand as their cut from the production.

The biggest laugh you can get from this is to work who is doing the best performance of looking surprised when they are announced as a winner, as if the whole lot is arranged in advance.

The worst of all was that this is only the British run up to having the same thing done all over again, when the Americans have their award ceremony next month.

Pity the writer’s strike is looking like coming to and end – if they stayed out a bit longer, like a few years, then maybe all the ‘stars’ would be forgotten, and instead of being able to demand tens of millions to pull in the worship society of fools, sorry, worshippers happy to be fleeced for all they are worth, they’d be slapped down to their real worth, and be lucky if they were paid a few hundred bucks for their overblown appearances of a few minutes on screen.

Ah well, better go and clean up the mess and make some more brekkies.

Written by auldgit

February 11, 2008 at 4:17 pm

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